El Cañi, a 7 km de Peumayén

En avión

You must arrive at Araucanía Airport (ZCO). Once there you can take the regular transfer from the airport to Pucón. The approximate rate, if the quotas required by the service are completed, is $ 15,000 per person.

Once in Pucón you can take a taxi to Peumayen. The reference value of this service is $ 22,000

Our recommendation if you are going to stay with us for several days is to rent a vehicle at the same airport. Here are some links that can help you:

· Phone: +56452215997
· E-mail: temuco@econorent.cl

· Phone: +5645452318585
· Cell phone: +56979572907
· E-mai: fmehrc@hertz.cl


From Highway 5 South, you must take the turnoff towards Villarrica-Pucón.

Once in Pucón, you must take direction towards Caburgua.

Before reaching Caburgua, about 15 km from Pucón, you will find a path on the right hand side that indicates HUIFE. Turn there and count 14.5 km, and you will find us on the left, always on a paved road.


In Pucón, there are rural buses that depart from the Pulmann terminal and also in front of the Jac buses.

They have different schedules during the day, we advise you to inform you of the round trip schedules.

These buses will leave you at the entrance of Peumayen. Tip, ask the driver to drop you off in Peumayen, since you can finish at the end of the road.

Once at the entrance, there are 400 meters to the facilities. It is a way up, so we do not recommend this option for people who have difficulty walking or come with a lot of weight.

Bus Vip

We can help you coordinate the private transfer service, from Temuco, Villarrica or Pucón airport. We have different agreements, from taxis to 8 people.

Write us to recepcion@termaspeumayen.cl for more information.