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Hello, we are Michel and Joana, who in 2007 began to imagine Peumayen, that dream place for us.

We met in a small French wine town and we were joined by a passion for cooking and attention to detail and good service.

Michel was guided by his restless spirit and ventured with this Chilean lady in this small country at the end of the world, almost unknown to this Basque.

Our first daughter was born and we began to lay the first stones and foundations of what our great project would be.

It took four long years to transform this almost virgin land, into access, to have water and electricity (so basic, but so complex at the same time), in a hotel with just 3 rooms, in a restaurant with a kitchen so small that it only entered Michel and Rodolfo, who has been with us from the beginning.

This project has been taking shape, growing and strengthening our fundamental idea, under which we started, which was to make a cuisine based on the biodiversity richness of this region.

From there all the services that we have been incorporating, and thanks to the fact that we have transferred this same dedication to our work team, they have followed the same line of care and respect for our environment.

Year after year we have been improving what was important to us, and thanks to our loyal customers who follow us and value the effort put into each stone, we are always on our feet driven always to provide the best of us.